Sustainability is a journey and we are learning every day. We are always looking at ways to better improve our practices and lessen our impact.

However, at heart of all our endeavours is a commitment to sustainability and circularity.

We encourage you to delve deeper into the methods and motivations that drive our craftsmanship and to explore the priciples that define us as a boutique Australian brand.

Conscious Creation 

We design mindfully, considering the entire life of our products. Designing products that do not adhere to seasonal trends but that are not only sustainable but individual, unique and long lasting. 

We believe in conscious consumerism, and do not go on sale. We limit our impact and waste by producing in limited editions, one off pieces or custom made to order.

We dye by hand and utilise both ancient and traditional natural dyeing techniques using natural and botanical dyes. Creating pieces that develop their own character, no two the same, becoming even more special with time. 

Wherever possible we are guided by Cradle to Cradle design principals and support the transition towards a Circular Economy. 

Natural Dyes


We exclusively use natural dyes. We love the varied and diverse palette that natural dyes offer, giving each edition of our pieces a one-of-a-kind character. This variability is not just welcomed but celebrated, seamlessly aligning with our design philosophy. No two pieces the same. 

We love the history and cultural significance of these dyes, some dating back to ancient civilisations. We continue to explore and experiment with centuries old artisanal techniques throughout our processes embodying the harmony between tradition, nature, and sustainable design.

Some of the dyes we use include Marigold, Gardenia, Cochineal, White Mullberry, Madder, Eucalyptus leaves, Lemon Myrtle and many others.

We avoid commercial chemical fixatives, like formaldehyde. Instead opting for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Learn more about our natural DYES


Our collections are made using OEKO-TEX¬ģ¬†¬†Certified European Flax Linen.¬†

We use European Flax Linen as its a highly sustainable circular fabric with a lower environmental impact than many other fabrics. In addition to feeling great, It’s also durable, long lasting, biodegradable and recyclable. It requires less water and can be grown without pesticides. The entire flax plant can be woven into a fibre, which means that almost no waste is left over from the spinning and weaving process. Linen also has natural antibacterial properties that can help resist mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.

Learn more about LINEN.


We produce our pieces by hand in limited editions, one off pieces and to order. Using only natural dyes on OEKO-TEX¬ģ¬†Certified European Flax Linen.

Combining both ancient and traditional natural dyeing techniques using natural and botanical dyes. Creating pieces that develop their own character, becoming even more special with time.

Our pieces can take several weeks to complete and involve multiple artisanal processes. Each piece unique and no two pieces the same. We like to call them perfect imperfections. 

This is slow design at its finest.

End Of Life 

We consider the entire life cycle of what we make, this is inherent to the design process.

We hope you will love your pieces and they will live with you for a long time, however at the end of the life of your item, please contact us to return them so we can repurpose them, working to close the loop.

If you damage a piece, please also contact us for repairs or re-dyeing options. 


We use OEKO TEX certified European Flax Linen to dye with.

OEKO-TEX certification means that our fabrics are tested to make sure that there are no harmful substances before being sent to us. See our certification here


We use Sendle carbon free shipping.

We will offset any carbon generated through returns and exchanges through Greening Australia. 


We use FCS and PEFC Certified packaging, that is recycled, reusable, recyclable and composable. 

We print and stamp with water and soy based inks. 

We use 100% Organic Hemp cord, Biodegradable, vegan, AZO-free dye, & oil-free. Our supplier plants a tree for every order.

Woven Labels - Currently we use a damask woven polyester thread label. These are our dead stock and we will be moving to a more sustainable printed cotton tape label soon. 

We want to make it easy for you to recycle or reuse our packaging that's why we choose recycled papers and card as it's both easy to recycle curb side or compost at home.