Founder, Jsen Wintle, created Wintle Studio with a mission to make one-of-a-kind limited-edition luxury linen homewares using only natural dyes. Fuelled by a passion for hand crafted artisan products and traditional natural dyeing techniques acquired during his time in the untamed landscapes of the Northern Rivers. Underpinned on a foundation of sustainability and circularity and taking guidance from the principals of Cradle to Cradle design.

Marrying tradition with innovation, each piece is meticulously created by hand, a result of diligent experimentation and the application of age-old natural dyeing methods. The journey of crafting each item is a testament to slow design and patience, in some cases taking up to several weeks to complete a piece and utilising various artisanal techniques. This approach resulting in unique and individual pieces with a fresh perspective on natural dyeing. 

Prior to this, Jsen worked for 15+ years in the UK and Europe as a Creative Director and designer in luxury fashion and interiors. Jsen conceived and ran a luxury fashion and consulting business (Wintle Man) for 15 years in Europe, designing luxury ready-to-wear, accessories, objects and interiors. Including retail, restaurants, bars, private aviation and yachts. Prior to this working with internationally renowned interior designer, Anouska Hempel, in the design of hotels, private residences, bars & restaurants.

Tactile, layered and immersive designs and interiors have established Wintle’s reputation for masterful storytelling through design. Jsen’s journey is one of a luxury builder and taste maker, where he can utilise his obsession for detail and authentic luxury. Rigorous and impeccable creations are Jsen’s trademark, his work owes as much to architecture as it does to couture.

His collections have been stocked in stores globally including Colette, Dover St Market, Harvey Nichols, Beams, Tsum, Podium, & Barney’s, amongst others.